What is ARIA? 

ARIA is a collection of cloud services provided by Instruct to research infrastructures, facilities and user communities within structural biology and related fields. ARIA can be set up and tailored to your exact needs within a few hours. 

ARIA services include:

  • Management of submission of research proposals
  • Management of review of research proposals
  • Hosting of academic profiles
  • Management of service/technology access visits
  • Management of remote access to a service/technolgy
  • Access reporting
  • Jobs listing
  • Events listing
  • News items
  • Document hosting
  • Survey management, distribution and reporting
  • Internal messaging system and customised email alerts
  • Facility management, including booking calendars and user training
  • Management of user networks
  • User forums

For more information on ARIA cloud services, email aria@structuralbiology.eu.

For information on how to register for a personal ARIA account, please see the guide: Registering for an ARIA account.