iNEXT-Discovery Meetings and Workshops (Corona style)

Date: 01-Jul-2020 0:00 CEST to 30-Apr-2021 23:00 CEST

Contact: Anastassis Perrakis

Because of Corona, all iNEXT-Discovery "live" events are postponed until further notice until summer 2021.

Some of our workshops and meetings (such as our Annual Scientific Meeting) were transformed into virtual events. The budget we saved from these events are used for:

  • producing a special edition of the JoVE journal about iNEXT-Discovery that will illustrate some of our procedures for (remote) data collection
  • purchasing a licence that will allow our webinars to be accessible to a wide as possible research community
  • providing reagents for Covid-19 research to our users (a call will be initiated soon)

Some of the regional meetings and "unique" workshops that were planned to take place before summer 2021, are postponed to be concluded before spring 2022. At the moment, we have not decided to specifically virtualize any other meetings and workshops, but we will likely organize new specific virtual events for specific subjects!