Strengthening relationships with industry


Researchers from industry, both small and large, are very welcome to join our activities. You may find our access, training and networking activities very attractive. Please contact us for more information.



Besides several specific iNEXT-Discovery access possibilities, such as the fragment and ligand screening offer, that clearly appeal to researchers from industry, also in other cases our highest-end structural biology equipment may be the perfect choice to answer questions that cannot be answered with local instruments and expertise.

iNEXT-Discovery access for researchers affiliated with industry comes in two flavors:

1. The 'standard' pipeline (also used for academics)

proposal submission - peer-review - facility visit - data analysis - publication

As an exception, the EU allows SMEs to access our facilities through this pipeline also without the intention to publish! We arrange for Confidentiality Agreements with reviewers for proposals coming from industry. Visiting researchers can be reimbursed for their traveling and accommodation.

2. The 'pay-for-service' pipeline

Researchers from industry contact one of the iNEXT-Discovery facilities directly to negotiate access provision on a pay-for-service basis.

Our general Access Guidelines can be found here.


Researchers from industry visiting a facility can receive hands-on training in the requested technology to conduct their experiments under expert supervision. The training offers can also include data processing and analysis.

In addition, researchers from industry are more than welcome to attend and participate in iNEXT-Discovery workshops and courses to get trained by experts in the field in different structural biology specializations! Please find here an overview of our training activities.





One of the main goals of iNEXT-Discovery is making a wide community of researchers aware of the advantages of structural biology. We realized that companies wish to engage in discussions with manufacturers, but also with users of high-end equipment to support strategic decisions for investing in expensive research equipment. Our facility staff is always willing to join in these discussions, even by performing a joint research project.


Industry Panel

For efficient discussions on demands, desires and suggestions with our consortium, we have combined some prominent providers of structural biology equipment and users of these instruments from larger and smaller companies in our iNEXT-Discovery Industry Panel.

Marcel Blommers

Saverna Therapeutics

Zdenek Hostomsky


Magali Mathieu

Sanofi Aventis

Marc Storms

Thermofischer Scientific

Sophie Zimmermann