Training the next generation of structural biologists



All access providing partners offer hands-on training when users visit their facility. Training does not only involve the collection of experimental data, but our staff can also help with data processing and analyses and collaborations can often be discussed.

Due to Corona, physical visits of users to facilities is severely disrupted. To partially cover for this, we arranged for a webinar series discussing the technologies that are offered by our facilities. More information on our webinar series can be found here.


Most regular workshops to be organized by different partners that want to share their specific expertise in state-of-the-art technological developments in X-ray technology, NMR spectroscopy, Electron Microscopy and Biophysics will take place later in the project. A list of these workshops is below.


Subject Organizer City, Country Date
Fragment screening HZB Berlin, DE (2021)
Serial crystallography EMBL-HH Hamburg, DE (2021)
In vivo crystallisation SOLEIL Paris, FR (2021-22)
Sample preparation for single particle EM (4X) DIAMOND Oxford, UK (2021-22)
Cryo-electron tomography and cryo soft X-ray tomography EMBL-HD / ALBA Online event April 8-9 2021
Single particle EM data processing (2X) CSIC Madrid, ES (2021-22)
NMR sensitivity enhancement UU Utrecht, NL (2022-23)
Kinetic structural biology in cells BMRZ Frankfurt, DE (2022-23)
In-cell NMR CIRMMP Florence, IT (2022-23)
Biophysical characterisation of macromolecular interactions NKI Amsterdam, NL (2021)