The iNEXT-Discovery partnership, a renewed team from the one that conceived, organised and successfully run the iNEXT consortium, brings together structural biology facilities for X-rays, NMR, cryo-EM and macromolecular biophysics, and aims to make them accessible to new user communities, to develop the methods further through joined research efforts, and to offer better integration between scientific fields and within the field of structural biology through scientific meetings, practical courses, and training workshops.

A major aim of iNEXT-Discovery is providing access to users from the European Union and all associated countries, to all participating facilities. Importantly, we aim to not only make available our state of the art instruments, but also make available to all users expert support, to help non-experts answer exciting scientific questions.

While our main focus is translational research in life sciences, we are actively looking forward to engage with the food, biotechnology and biomaterials sectors.

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The project coordinator and the project manager are responsible for the smooth running for all operations related to iNEXT-Discovery. The project is continuously monitored by the Executive Board that makes decisions for all trivial matters that ensure smooth running of the project. The Management Board is monitoring progress and providing feedback for corrective actions and suggestions to the Executive Board. The General Assembly, which includes all partners, is the ultimate decision-making body of the consortium.


  Project Manager

  Anastassis Perrakis, NKI   Hans Wienk, NKI


Executive Board

Susan Daenke, INSTRUCT Eva Pereiro, ALBA Harald Schwalbe, BMRZ Manfred Weiss, HZB


Management Board

Lucia Banci, CIRMMP (Chair)


  • Marc Baldus, UU
  • Jose Maria Carazo, CSIC
  • Bruno Klaholz, CBI
  • Josan Marquez, EMBL-GR
  • Christoph Müller, EMBL-HD
  • Neil Ranson, ABSL
  • Thomas Schneider, EMBL-HH
  • Vladimir Sklenar, CEITEC
  • Dave Stuart, DIAMOND
  • Marjolein Thunnissen, MAX IV



iNEXT-Discovery’s international Scientific Advisory Board is composed of high-profile structural biologists with different scientific background and expertise. The members are:

Elspeth Garman (chair) Rolf Boelens Ilaria Ferlenghi Kevin Gardner Helen Saibil


Elspeth Garman (Chair)

Professor of Methods development for stuctural biology, Department of Biochemistry, University of Oxford - Oxford, United Kingdom

Rolf Boelens

Professor of NMR Spectroscopy, Utrecht University; Coordinator H2020-project iNEXT - Utrecht, The Netherlands

Ilaria Ferlenghi

Head of Structural Microscopy at GSK Vaccines - Siena, Italy

Kevin Gardner

Director, Structural Biology Initiative, CUNY Advanced Science Research Center; Professor of Chemistry & Biochemistry, City College of New York - New York, United States

Helen Saibil

Professor of Structural Biology, Birkbeck College - London, United Kingdom