Networking with our users and across scientific fields



To effectively network with our users, we have established a panel of prominent scientists for spearheading our user community. Together with them, we aim to create a lively user group, which they will coordinate with the aim of providing feedback to our facilities and the project at large. Users experiencing issues concerning their access are welcome to either contact them directly or via the iNEXT-Discovery Project manager.

User Panel

Pavlina Rezacova

IMG, CZ - X-rays

Oliver Zerbe

Zurich, CH - NMR

Christiane Berger-Schaffitzel

Bristol, UK - EM



All partners are involved in networking. Part of these are to strengthen the bonds between the partners of the iNEXT-Discovery consortium, others reach out to other parties (industry, new scientific communities, and new regions) or are included to plan the future.

Annual Meetings Partner Place Date
Kick-Off Meeting NKI Amsterdam, NL April 15-17, 2020
Virtual Kick-Off Meeting series NKI Online May-June, 2020
First Annual Consortium Meeting ITQB (CSIC) Lisboa, PT (2020)
Second Annual Consortium Meeting IIMCB (HZB) Warsaw, PL (2021)
Third Annual Consortium Meeting ELTE (BMRZ) Budapest, HU (2022)
Final Annual Consortium Meeting CEITEC Brno, CZ (2023)
Outreach to Industry      
Industry-Academia Workshop BMRZ Frankfurt am Main, DE  
Industry-Academia Workshop EMBL-GR Grenoble, FR  
Cryo-EM Workshop for industry and academia EMBL-HD Heidelberg, DE  
Connecting with Scientific Communities      
Technology at the interface of bio-imaging and structural biology EuBI Heidelberg, DE  
Technology at the interface of bio-imaging and structural biology EuBI Heidelberg, DE  
Promoting collaborations with ESFRI EU-OS Berlin, DE  
Training on procedures for Early development of novel therapeutics and diagnostics EATRIS (NKI) Amsterdam, NL  
Meeting with academic and commercial food communities METROFOOD Rome, IT  
Reaching Regional Communities      
Regional structural biology meeting (Balkans) NHRF Athens, GR  
Regional structure biology meeting (Baltic) VU Vilnius, LT  
Planning the Future      
Foresight meeting BMRZ Frankfurt am Main, DE  
Internal networking and training      
ARIA-taining for Facility Managers / Local Operators INSTRUCT (NKI) Amsterdam, NL February 25, 2020
Fragment Database Code boot camp EMBL-EBI Hinxton, UK  
Discussing the new EU-OPENSCREEN library EU-OS Berlin, DE  
IspyB Code boot camp NKI Amsterdam, NL