EMBL SAXS User Workshop

Date: 17-Nov-2020 0:00 CET to 18-Nov-2020 23:00 CET

Contact: Hans Wienk

The iNEXT-Discovery partner EMBL in Hamburg is organizing a meeting for users of their SAXS Beamline P12.

As they mentioned: "We wish to stimulate the information exchange between the SAXS Team of EMBL-Hamburg and our User community. We will highlight our recent beamline developments and discuss the possibilities as well as challenges of the proposed PETRA IV upgrade. We look forward to seeing your SAXS results as poster presentations, flash talks or selected oral presentations. We are happy to announce that we have received goodie bags from our sponsor to reward outstanding contributions.

There will be ample time to discuss your new ideas and help you get your application for the next beamtime period ready. The workshop is oriented towards all present and future SAXS users of P12."

Please visit their event page to register: https://www.embl-hamburg.de/biosaxs/courses/users2020/