HZB webinar at the Australian ARC Centre for Fragment-Based Design

Date: 06-Oct-2020 9:00 CEST to 06-Oct-2020 10:00 CEST

Contact: Hans Wienk

The ARC Centre for Fragment-Based Design (ARC CFBD) is an Industrial Transformation Training Centre funded by the Australian Research Council ARC. The Centre aims to facilitate access to the transformative technology of Fragment-Based Design (FBD) through multidisciplinary technology. Together with their industry partners, they aim to inspire entrepreneurial Early Career Researchers, and accelerate research translation.

The first speaker in the ARC CFBD free seminar series is Dr. Jan Wollenhaupt from the Helmholtz-Zentrum in Berlin (iNEXT-Discovery Partner HZB). In this public online seminar, Dr. Wollenhaupt will share insights about their crystallographic fragment screening workflow at the HZB.


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Jan Wolenhaupt's webinar