Virtual Kick-Off meeting

Date: 28-May-2020 14:00 CEST to 28-May-2020 18:00 CEST

Contact: Hans Wienk

Due to the Covid-19 measures we have changed the format of the iNEXT-Discovery Kick-off meeting, that will take place in several steps.

Pre-kickoff online presentations

An introductory lecture from the Coordinator is available through "Panopto", for everyone to watch. This lecture introduces the project goals, the management and advisory boards, the networking, dissemination, outreach, and training activities, as well as description of the basic rules, tools and procedures for gaining access to the facilities, and a brief introduction to the Joint Research Activities. Please note that the Panopto platform allows you to navigate through the table of contents to the left, and crucially to also post questions or comments for discussion. The questions and comments can form the basis of the discussion for the interactive meetings.

A presentation about internal rules and procedures by Hans Wienk, will be made available to the participants.

Kick-off meeting

Introduction Anastassis Perrakis Every session will start with a very brief reminder about the introductory video, and will continue with questions from the participants and discussion. This session is free for all people involved in the project to attend.
Welcome by EC project officer Andreas Holtel
Networking Activities Manfred Weiss
Trans-national Access Anastassis Perrakis
Joint Research Activities  Eva Pereiro
Advisory Panels Harald Schwalbe


General Assembly

Introduction and scope Anastassis Perrakis This will be a closed section for partners principal investigators or their delegate and will deal with procedures, rules, and decisions.
Procedures Hans Wienk
Amendments Hans Wienk
Management Board report Lucia Banci
Any Other Business Anastassis Perrakis