Webinar series 2021: What can iNEXT-Discovery do for you?

Date: 18-Jan-2021 16:00 CET to 29-Mar-2021 17:00 CEST

Contact: Hans Wienk


Unfortunately, our 2020/early 2021 webinar series have been completed.

In case you are interested in our structural biology services please have a look below: most of the webinars were recorded and are available online!




During 25-30 minutes online presentations, iNEXT-Discovery specialists discussed a wide range of topics that may be of interest to anyone that wants to perform or learn about structural biology in Europe. Please have a look at these webinars and if you find anything of interest don't hesitate to contact us or engage in access to our facilities, our training or our other networking services!


2021 Series

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18/01/2021 Maria Harkiolaki DIAMOND 3D Correlative cryo-imaging of cell populations using soft X-ray tomography and structured illumination fluorescence microscopy
25/01/2021 Antje Keppler Euro-BioImaging At the interface of structural biology techniques and life cell imaging: common user access and outreach
01/02/2021 Javier Chichón CSIC Cryo-electron microscopy at the CNB
08/02/2021 Christian Richter / Sridhar Sreeramulu BMRZ Ligand screening against the SARS-CoV-2 genome and proteome: practical aspects: from data acquisition to analysis
15/02/2021 Ludovic Renault NeCEN Cryo-EM at NeCEN
22/02/2021 Sam Horrell DIAMOND All the things you could be doing at Diamond beamline I24
01/03/2021 Guido Pintacuda / Tanguy Le Marchand RALF-NMR Dynamic structures of proteins by magic-angle spinning NMR at RALF-NMR in Lyon
08/03/2021 Claudia Zoani METROFOOD METROFOOD-RI - Applications of Structural Biology to the agrifood Unfortunately, this webinar was not recorded.
15/03/2021 Tanja Miletic / Kristaps Jaudzems EU-OPENSCREEN Combining structural and chemical biology expertise in fragment-based drug discovery across RIs
22/03/2021 Judith Weber / Simone Mattei EMBL-HD EMBL Imaging Centre - Tackling challenges in Electron and Light Microscopy


2020 Series

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26/10/2020 Anastassis Perrakis NKI Biophysical methods to quantitate macromolecular interactions 
02/11/2020 Jan Wollenhaupt HZB How to do crystallographic fragment screening at the Helmholtz-Zentrum Berlin  
09/11/2020 Alice Douangamath DIAMOND Fragment screening using XChem: practicalities and opportunities
16/11/2020 Josan Marquez EMBL-GR Automated crystallography pipelines based on the CrystalDirect technology for new structures and drug design
23/11/2020 Enrico Luchinat CIRMMP Real-time ligand binding in human cells monitored by bioreactor-assisted in-cell NMR 
30/11/2020 Armin Wagner DIAMOND Long-wavelength crystallography – Experiments on the edge  
07/12/2020 Jirka Novacek CEITEC Preparation and cryo-FIB micromachining of cellular specimens for cryo-electron tomography
14/12/2020 Eva Pereiro ALBA A carthographic description of the cellular landscape by cryo soft X-ray tomography
21/12/2020 Rebecca Thompson ABSL From protein sample to structure: getting started with single particle cryoEM