Webinar series: What can iNEXT-Discovery do for us?

Date: 26-Oct-2020 16:00 CET to 20-Dec-2020 16:45 CET

Contact: Hans Wienk



A webinar series presenting iNEXT-Discovery technologies for potential users. We will discuss specific flagship technologies for which we offer access and expertise to support your experiments. Each webinar is a 20-minutes presentation followed by open questions about the technology and iNEXT-Discovery in general.

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2020 Series

iNEXT-Discovery Partner
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26/10/2020 Anastassis Perrakis NKI Biophysical methods to quantitate macromolecular interactions 
02/11/2020 Jan Wollenhaupt HZB How to do crystallographic fragment screening at the Helmholtz-Zentrum Berlin  
09/11/2020 Alice Douangamath DIAMOND Fragment screening using XChem: practicalities and opportunities  
16/11/2020 Josan Marquez EMBL-GR Automated crystallography pipelines based on the CrystalDirect technology for new structures and drug design  
23/11/2020 Enrico Luchinat CIRMMP Real-time ligand binding in human cells monitored by bioreactor-assisted in-cell NMR   
30/11/2020 Armin Wagner DIAMOND Long-wavelength crystallography – Experiments on the edge  
07/12/2020 Jirka Novacek CEITEC FIB miliing  
14/12/2020 Eva Pereiro ALBA A carthographic description of the cellular landscape by cryo soft X-ray tomography  
21/12/2020 Rebecca Thompson ABSL From protein sample to structure: getting started with single particle cryoEM  


Coming up in 2021

iNEXT-Discovery Partner
11/01/2021 Judith Weber EMBL-HD EMBL Imaging Centre - Tackling challenges in Electron and Light Microscopy
18/01/2021 Maria Harkiolaki DIAMOND 3D Correlative cryo-imaging of cell populations using soft X-ray tomography and structured illumination fluorescence microscopy
25/01/2021 Antje Keppler EuBI At the interface of structural biology techniques and life cell imaging: common user access and outreach
01/02/2021 Javier Chichón CSIC Cryo-electron microscopy at the CNB