WIRE 2011

Date: 07-Jun-2011 1:00 CEST to -

Idea or ideal? Clusters and research infrastructures working together?

WIRE2011 connects cluster development and research infrastructure policy in order to enhance innovation performances and regional development.

Under the aegis of the Hungarian EU Council Presidency the conference called Week of Innovative Regions in Europe 2011 (WIRE2011), - giving an appropriate follow-up of WIRE 2010 conference in Granada held under the Spanish EU Council Presidency -, will be organized jointly with the European Commission on 7-9 June 2011 in Debrecen, Hungary dedicated to possible synergies between research infrastructures and cluster policy.

The conference – considering the document of ‘EUROPE 2020, a strategy for a smart, sustainable and inclusive development strategy’ and the 'Innovation Union Flagship Initiative' - focuses on questions related to knowledge, innovation and competitiveness in economy with respect to research infrastructure investments, clusters and their effects on how they can support smart growth in the regions.