iNEXT-Discovery aims to maximize the output of fragment screening by structural biology!

On Friday September 11 2020, the iNEXT-Discovery X-ray partners EMBL, DIAMOND, NKI, HZB and MAX IV met online to discuss their ideas and common strategies to maximize the output of fragment screening by X-ray crystallography, and to improve fragment screening access to our facilities!


The iNEXT-Discovery consortium received EC-funding for four internal research projects, the so-called Joint Research Activities:

1. Maximizing the output of fragment screening

2. HTP approaches in cryo-EM and serial crystallography

3. Bridging 3D structures to time scales, multiple states, dynamics

4. Integrative structural biology approaches for cellular imaging and challenging systems


During this "JRA-1 meeting" led by Josan Marquez (EMBL-GR), all our partners involved in fragment screening by X-ray crystallography discussed their individual and collaborative approaches to optimize and streamline their existing structural biology fragment screening access. Promising results will be made available to our users as they emerge from these efforts.

Please visit our "Apply for Access"-page to explore our access opportunities.