The virtual Kick-Off series has been finalized!

Following the videos introducing iNEXT-Discovery, the virtual Kick-Off meeting, the virtual General Assembly and the Scientific Advisory Board (SAB) meeting, we did not stop!

We had virtual meetings also with:

  • The User Panel: we discussed procedures to increase user engagement in the project, to survey user satisfaction, and to find ways to attract new users. A new post-visit questionnaire has been developed, that will be made available to users when their project is finalized, reporting on various aspects of their experience, and giving them the opportunity to provide feedback on how to improve our procedures.
  • The Review Panel (composed by the Moderators): we discussed our user proposal review procedures. Several suggestion to improve the "help text" in our application forms are already implemented, and it has been agreed that our independent Moderators can act as a "second reviewer" whenever they feel comfortable and to be able to speed up the review process.
  • The Reviewers: we arranged two Q&A sessions. We received valuable input for structuring user proposals, and explained several issues about how to judge proposals from users that are new to Structural Biology. We agreed that our reviewers are frequently seen as iNEXT-Discovery ambassadors, and that they will attempt to advertise iNEXT-Discovery in their local and scientific communities.
  • The Industry Panel: we arranged for a brainstorm session between iNEXT-Discovery management and our Industry Panel. We received with several very useful suggestions on how to advertise and optimize the iNEXT-Discovery services for researchers from industry.

This series of virtual Kick-Off meetings, replacing the 3-day physical Kick-Off event in Amsterdam, was extremely useful and the different sessions were collectively attended by more than 80 different scientists.

In parallel with these, a series of meetings to start our four Joint Research Activities is ongoing; a report for these will follow!