Instruct and the cloud: EOSC-Life Open Call series

Recent advances in research technology have led to a vast increase in data volumes produced in structural biology and other fields of life sciences. The datasets generated are too large and complex to be handled, shared and analysed using classical tools. They also contain treasure troves of information which could be uncovered by performing new analyses on the original data, producing scientific results and insights beyond those obtained from the initial analysis. Making data, tools and workflows available in the cloud is therefore necessary in order to use the data produced to the fullest extent, both within and beyond the original intended scope of individual projects and to tackle the reproducibility crisis in research.

EOSC-Life is launching a series of Open Calls to support the development of a wide variety of projects contributing to the development of an open digital space within the European Open Science Cloud (EOSC), for data and tools in the life sciences, fostering interdisciplinary collaborations and advancing data-heavy research areas. The overarching goal of the project is to begin to populate EOSC with tools, data and workflows of use and impact to our life science communities.


First EOSC-Life Cloud Data Deployment Call


Three applications from Instruct-ERIC were awarded funding from the first cloud data deployment internal call.

This internal call (open to the life science research infrastructures participating in the EOSC-Life project) aims to promote novel cloud deployments of life science data and tools from Research Infrastructures participating in EOSC-Life.
Instruct-ERIC Centres were successfully awarded three projects through this call:

Macromolecular and crystallography data management in the cloud
Instruct Centre FI (Oulu), Instruct Centre UK (Diamond), Instruct Centre IL (WIS) in collaboration with ELIXIR

PDB-redo Cloud: FAIR protein structures with deep versioning of scientific reproducibility and data provenance tracking
Instruct NL (NKI)

Cloudification of Cryo-EM data and metadata
Instruct Centre CZ (CEITEC), Instruct Centre ES (I2PC) in collaboration with ELIXIR


First Digital Life Science Open Call: A European Open Science Cloud (EOSC-Life) call for projects sharing data, tolls and workflow in the cloud



This Open call launched in September 2020 enables the delivery of complex cloud-connected life science research projects from scientists within and outside of the EOSC-Life consortium
This open call raised a spectacular interest amongst structural biologists within Instruct and beyond, underlying the need for such resources from the scientific community.
The deadline for expert consultation for this open call has now passed and results of the call will be announced in early 2021.

A second Digital Life Sciences Open Call targeting Industry partners and sensitive data projects will be launched in Spring 2021 (date TBC.) Please check the EOSC-Life website for the latest information.